Why buy junior clubs?  Why can’t I just cut down an old set of clubs?

These are the usual questions we hear from parents.  Cutting down adult clubs is a common practice and is acceptable when price or availability hinder the use of proper equipment, but remember that junior golf clubs are designed for the junior golfer.  A cut-down club will be too heavy and too stiff for optimal performance, plus, the grip usually won’t fit on the shaft properly.  Junior clubs are lighter, balanced properly, have more flex in the shaft, and have the proper size grips.  Using golf equipment that doesn’t fit properly as a junior can cause poor swing habits that will haunt a golfer for the rest of his or her life.

Most junior sets can be purchased according to age and/or height, with prices varying based on quality and number of clubs in the set.  A Common configuration for a junior set is to have 1 wood, 2 irons, a putter and a bag.  The wood is usually a lofted one such as a 3 wood or 5 wood.  The irons are usually a mid lofted (5,6, or 7 iron) and a higher lofted (8,9 iron or wedge).  This type of set is considered to be the minimum necessary to participate in golf.

Stop by Milham Park Golf Club and talk to a PGA golf professional Dean Marks or Grand Prairie Golf Course and talk to Ann Marie Roschek to answer any other questions regarding your junior golf equipment purchase.

“You should grow OUT of your clubs, not grow INTO them!”


U.S. Kids Golf

U.S. Kids Golf is the preferred club of the KJGA offering equipment for beginners (Ultralight Series) and advanced players (Tour Series).  “Successful junior programs begin with equipment that is exactly the right length for the player.  Kids grow 2 1/2″ per year, so it is essential that they are fit for clubs every season.  Teaching is made easier and a young player’s performance improves significantly by having clubs that are the correct length.”

If you know your junior’s height and ability, finding the right clubs is simple.  Using numbers that correlate to a player’s height (not age) to the proper driver length, the U.S. Kids Golf fitting system is simple and easy to understand.  Milham Park Golf Club and Grand Prairie Golf Course will keep most sets in stock this season and will be able to handle your special orders with ease.  Remember – Milham Park Golf Club and Grand Prairie Golf Course will donate 10% of proceeds form U.S.Kids Golf clubs purchased by KJGA participants to the Kalamazoo Junior Golf Association.  Trade-ins accepted!